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Whether you are looking to hire new officers or are a candidate interested in a law enforcement career, Police Exam Solutions is your recruitment resource!

Welcome to Police Exam Solutions, LLC, (PES). PES specializes in law enforcement recruitment. We pride ourselves on the relationships we foster with potential candidates seeking careers in law enforcement. Additionally, we are dedicated to helping law enforcement agencies recruit, examine, and ultimately select the best candidates for their police department. PES is committed to matching the right candidate with the right opportunity. We have the vetting tools that provide the additional insight necessary to finding the right fit, the first time.

By offering a full range of services, PES is able to furnish departments with an established list of eligible candidates exceeding the qualifications set forth by an individual agency.


We have found that it's not about the numbers. While it's a requirement to pass the written exam, there is more to being a successful police officer than being good in math and English. Today's officer must exhibit the traits most indicative of a successful police officer: problem solving skills, compassion, resourcefulness, ability to work as a team, leadership qualities, critical thinking, empathy, ability to communicate, and are among some of these critical, key personality traits.

PES offers services and products that your agency can use to best assess the attributes each candidate possesses to make the best hiring decision for your department.

Our commitment to vetting the finest recruits for your department's hiring needs is our number one priority, and we will work with your agency to find the right candidates.

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About Us: Our Mission

Our History

Police Exam Solutions has over 18 years of experience in the law enforcement testing and recruitment industry. PES has fine-tuned the exam administration process, and has the skills and resources to provide your agency with the recruitment and assessment tools necessary to fill your hiring needs.

PES has provided exam services for department's throughout the Commonwealth, including Burlington, Franklin, Walpole, Reading, Marlborough, Rochester, Somerset, North Reading, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Millis, Sharon and Wayland.

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About Us: Our History
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Law Enforcement Agencies

How can we help your Department?

In today's climate, law enforcement agencies are finding it increasing challenging to recruit new officers, in achieving diversity in their departments with minority and female officers, and in finding candidates with the skills and attributes to excel as 21st century police officers. 

To help meet these challenges, Police Exam Solutions (PES) is committed to finding the best, most qualified candidates to meet your recruitment needs.

Through our two-step vetting process, our candidates are required to pass a written exam, as well as, complete the PES Projected Personality Interpreter (PPI) component. 

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Police Officer Candidates

What's involved in becoming a police officer?

What does it mean to be police officer? What can you expect from the hiring process? What are hiring requirements? These may be some of the questions you find yourself asking when considering a career in law enforcement. In this section, we provide you with valuable information on becoming an officer.

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About Us: Our Station
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