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You've decided you want to be an officer. Great! Now what? Taking those first steps toward becoming a police officer can often times be confusing. Navigating through the differences of Civil Service & Non-Civil Service PD's, written exam or no exam, Fitness Test, Background Investigation, Psychological  Evaluation, requires you to be armed with as much information as is available to ensure your success. Below is additional information to help get you started.

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Reasons to Become a Police Officer

Why be a cop? There's lots of talk about the rewards of police work, but are careers in law enforcement really that great?

The short answer is often "Yes!" For all the inherent dangers, there are a good many advantages. Benefits and pay tend to be good and secure, and there's a great deal of personal gratification involved in the job as well. Read more...

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Is it Hard to Become a Police Officer?

Law enforcement careers can be exciting, rewarding, and even fun. In fact, there are countless reasons to be a police officer. From fringe benefits to job security, the attraction to policing is easy to understand. 

Before you take the leap and pursue a career fighting crime, though, there are some things you probably ought to know about becoming a police officer. Read more...

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What Are the PAT's and Are You Ready?

The Police Physical Abilities Test (PAT) is a regulated selection procedure that looms as a major challenge for most candidates. Commitment and preparation are required in order to pass.  The police physical abilities test is always pass/fail and a true gut-buster. Be ready!

Most departments have you take the physical abilities test after you past the police written exam however, you can prepare and make sure you're in shape by following these guidelines. Read more...

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Other Exam Preparation Tips and Guidelines

Once hired, you will most likely undergo a series of additional exams and/or investigations. Take steps and prepare today to ensure you are ready! Read more...

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