More to the
Recruitment Process

What can you expect of the hiring process?
There's more to getting hired than passing the written exam.
Not limited to, below are other exams, assessments, and evaluations that may be part of your getting hired.

Be aware & be prepared!

Written exam: This is the written exam, usually between 150-250 questions in length. Questions vary depending upon where the department is located and are intended to test communication, problem solving, math, and deductive reasoning skills.

Physical Exam: Your fitness levels are tested to determine whether you are in shape or not. Depending on your age and gender, you will be required to perform up to a particular standard in order to qualify for further consideration. Read more about the PAT's

Drug Test: Blood and urine tests are taken to ensure you are clear of any traces of illegal drugs or that you don’t have any drug dependencies.

Psychological Evaluation: Candidates physiological states are very important due to the fact that police work is highly stressful. This test is carried out to determine whether or not you can deal with stresses and pressures.

Health Assessment: You must have a clean bill of health. A health care practitioner will assess your vital organs, your eyesight, and your hearing to ensure that all is in order.

Background Check: To ensure you are of sound moral character, the police department will carry out an extensive background check to make sure that all the information you have provided is accurate and checks out.

Interview: An interview is conducted with the board and other members of the police force. At the interview, the department will attempt to determine whether you’re a good fit for the team.