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Agency Services

The Written Exam: Entrance Exam Services

Our pre-employment entrance examination is specifically tailored for a target job in a public safety position so your agency can hire the right candidates, the first time. Based on the intimate knowledge of law enforcement positions, our exam was developed to measure the key skills, abilities and other characteristics required for job success, and represents state-of-the-art research and design.

Our examination combines four measures into one result, providing a more holistic picture of a test takers’ potential. It combines a challenging cognitive ability measure with three non-cognitive measures: personality constructs, integrity, and biographical data. These four measures produce a score for test takers that is highly predictive of their job success in law enforcement.

Get to Know the Candidate: Candidate Insight Report

PES has created an online Candidate Questionnaire which, through a series of questions, can determine a candidate's qualifications, skills, certifications, and degrees necessary to qualify as a potential new hire. Among their demographics, each candidate must answer questions on veteran's status, certifications, academy experience, education, and additional skills which may benefit them as officers.

Your Eligible Candidate List can be sorted based on the criteria, allowing you to see specific credentials among your eligible group of candidates.

Bringing AI to Policing: Projected Personality Interpreter (PPI)

Utilizing the latest in AI technology, we can assess the top 10 key personality traits of each candidate. This represents an ability to gain more insight during recruitment, and seek candidates aligned with the departments desired characteristics.

Exactly what is our Projected Personality Interpreter (PPI)? A new era of cognitive technology, namely IBM Watson, is helping measure the personality, needs, and values of potential recruits in a noninvasive and unbiased manner.

This product is offered with the written exam, but can also be used as a stand-alone product to develop a baseline for your current department culture and key characteristics.

Looking to Host an Exam: What Specific Services Will PES Provide

Hosting an exam with PES, means your agency is receiving a full service exam process. PES saves your department time and money, by providing a fully customized website registration platform that leaves you and your department out of the process. The customized site will include an introduction, job-related eligibility requirements, and a fully automated registration process.

We provide and manage the entire registration, scoring and sorting process with a custom website platform that provides everything you and your department will want, with zero effort from your staff.

In short, PES saves your department time and money, and furnishes you with a pool of the most qualified and diverse candidates with no administrative hassles.