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PES Recruitmentfor New Officers

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The Preferred Method to Source New Hires!

Now there's a no-cost solution to your department for the hiring new officers; the PES Eligible Candidate List (ECL)!

What is the PES Eligible Candidate List (ECL)?


The PES ECL is designed to maximize the amount of applicants your agency receives while providing our qualified, vetted candidates with more opportunities for hire.


From the beginning, over 15 years ago, PES's commitment to our police departments and candidates has been about the basics; integrity, transparency, professionalism, and fairness. These core values have shaped PES into one of the most reputable and respected police recruitment agencies for MA non-Civil Service police departments looking to hire.

Providing department-exclusive exams to recruit for the role of police officer has served many of our clients well, but the climate for police recruitment is changing and many departments are at a crossroads for finding qualified candidates to fill a plenitude of vacancies in departments statewide.

If your agency is looking to hire, we have a no-cost solution! Your enrollment as a participating PES ECL agency comes with zero financial risk, but a multitude of benefits to relieve your department from the administrative hassles associated with recruitment. Why not let PES do the work? If you're looking to attract quality candidates who have proven they meet Minimum Qualifications & Requirements, and have successfully passed our written entry exam, the ECL is for you!

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After <only> two months of introducing our ECL, see how we're making a difference in hiring.

"Prior to our collaboration with Police Exam Solutions and the utilization of the Eligible Candidate List, the Berklee College Police Department had over a half-dozen vacancies and had exhausted every option for recruitment. We spent weeks and months conducting interviews and background investigations which ultimately yielded no positive results. After only a short few months of our partnership we are approaching filling more than half of our vacancies with qualified candidates who we know can confidently navigate the other requirements of the process. I was truly at a loss with recruitment and unsure of where to turn next and then I got connected with Gretel and her team and we haven't looked back. I highly recommend the Police Exam Solutions ECL program to any department that is hiring, you will not be disappointed!"

Deputy Chief Patrick Folely

Berklee College of Music PD, Boston MA

January, 2023

Which recruitment method is right for your department?

What's right for your agency? Whether it's the PES Eligible Candidate List (ECL), or a Department-Exclusive entry exam & recruitment drive, we can work with you to custom tailor your next recruitment process by using a variety of PES assessments to determine whether candidates possess two most powerful predictors of job performance; cognitive ability and integrity. If your department is looking for 'more than just a test' to screen your potential new hires, we have the tools you need to help attract qualified candidates to fill your vacancies.


The Written Exam: Our exams are used to identify those individuals candidate pool who are best suited for a career in law enforcement, and to ensure that those who are unsuited for a position with your agency are screened out. Candidates will be assessed on a battery of cognitive and non-cognitive dimensions needed to be a successful police officer. Nationally validated, our exam focus on utilizing tools and measures that have minimal adverse impact.


  • Cognitive Dimensions such as deductive reasoning, info gathering, written comprehension, written expression, and visualization, and

  • Non-Cognitive/Integrity Dimensions including integrity, morals, honesty, socialization, positive outlook, and orderliness.

By utilizing PES exams and recruitment services, your agency is providing for a fair, impartial, and transparent system of evaluating potential new hires.

The Written Exam Format: PES offers exam in two formats:

  • In-person exam with a set date and location, or

  • Remotely through our @Home Testing services on a scheduled session date and time, and live proctors to administer the exam to ensure the security and integrity is not jeopardized.


Quick Results: You get your candidates results fast, so you can hire faster! We are committed to releasing written exam scores within two-to-three business days from the date of the exam.



Adverse Impact Data: Our exams were developed to measure minimal impact on protected classes. Your detailed Adverse Impact Report is specific to your test and will be furnished with your exam results. Through our partnership with and a seamless integration between both agencies, you have the ability to utilize their internet based application while working directly with PES on all exam-related logistics. Your department's custom dashboard will allow you the ability to access your candidate's information, schedule interviews, and communicate with your applicants through email. Please contact us directly for policeapp's pricing information.

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