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PES Eligible Candidates List

A new approach to hiring the next generation of police officers.

We are pleased to announce our newest recruitment service - the PES Eligible Candidate List (ECL). This service has been designed to provide agencies with a list of eligible, vetted candidates available for hire.

The PES ECL aims to become the industry standard for non-Civil Service departments looking to hire. If your serious about becoming an officer,

it all starts here! To learn more, determine your eligibility, and enroll, please see below.

PES Police Candidates: Our Station

What is the PES Candidate List?

The PES Eligible Candidate List (ECL) is comprised of vetted candidates and is managed by PES. The ECL will allow candidates the ability to apply to any participating MA non-Civil Service police departments. Our mission is to offer departments qualified candidates ready for hire, while simaltaneously providing more options for hire to our candidates. We are committed to providing our candidates, and departments, with the maximum number of recruitment and hiring opportunities.

Benefits to our candidates:

  • One registration fee = When you pass our exam with a 70% and above, you can submit an unlimited amount of applications to participating hiring agencies during your enrollment term of (6) six months,

  • More transparency. Through your policeapp dashboard you can track where your application is in the hiring process for each agency you have submitted an application,

  • No waiting for a department exam. PES hosts 3-4 exams every month! That means you do not have to wait for an annual/bi-annual exam to start applying to our hiring agencies! Fast track your career and get started today! Our participating departments accept applications from vetted candidates for hire, all year long.

  • Extra benefits: As a member of our ECL program, you have access to our staff to help guide you throughout your journey into your law enforcement career. Is you're curious to learn about the PAT and Academy process, interview tips and techniques for success, or are looking to learn more about what it's like to become a MA police officer in today's climate, we are here to help!

Applicants looking to join our ECL are required to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Meet the standard Minimum Requirements as detailed below.

  2. Must pass a PES entry exam for the role of police officer.

  3. If a department requires a passing PAT certificate, PES will make available to you the dates available for upcoming PAT's. Once you've completed your PAT, your account will be automatically updated with your score, allowing you to apply to departments with this prerequisite.

The PES ECL aims to become the industry standard for non-Civil Service police departments looking to hire! If you're serious about becoming an officer, it all starts here. Join us in the next chapter of police recruiting for 21st century!



To apply to these job postings, candidates must achieve a 70% and above on the PES Entry Exam.

Once you have your passing score, you can apply to any/all of the follow job postings

with our participating departments.

  • Dover PD - FT MPTC Academy Trained Officer

  • Berklee College of Music PD - FT Officers

  • Somerset PD - FT Officer

  • Rochester PD - FT Officers

  • Swampscott PD - FT Officers

  • Durham, NH PD - FT Officers

Check out PES's policeapp page for more information on our hiring agencies. We will be posting new participating departments each week. Bookmark the page and check back often!

PES Police Candidates: Text

How it Works & Steps to Enroll



Applicants looking to join our ECL are required to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Actively seeking a FT position as a police officer,

  2. Meet the Minimum Requirements as outlined,

  3. Register for, and pass, a PES sponsored entry exam for the role of police officer, and

  4. If an agency that you are applying to requires a passing Physical Abilities Test (PAT), you will be required to register and pass the PAT with our certified PAT instructor.

Minimum Requirements:

Below is a list of the standard set of requirements used by MA police departments. To be eligible for PES's ECL, you must meet the requirements below.

  • Be legally authorized to work in the United States as a police officer

  • High School Graduate/GED Equivalent. Candidates possessing higher education degrees may receive hiring preference.

  • Be a United States citizen (birth or naturalized).

  • Be at least 21 years old by the date of appointment.

  • Must have an active Massachusetts driver's license.
  • Be a Non-Smoker and remain a Non-Smoker.

  • Residency requirement: This is requirement set by the individual agency. If the department to which you are applying has a residency requirement it will be noted on their requirements section.

  • Ability to obtain a valid Firearms License to Carry.

  • Must have passed the PES written exam.

  • If required by the hiring agency, you must successfully pass the Physical Abilities Test (PAT), in order to meet their PAT requirement. PES will facilitate  the fitness test through our certified PAT instructor. Dates will be posted on the PES homepage

  • Have the ability to pass a thorough background and psychological examination prior to employment.

  • Must pass interstate criminal and a driver's history.

  • Must pass oral interviews.

  • Must pass medical examination.

  • No tattoos on the neck, hands, or face.

To Enroll in the PES ECL:

NEW PES Candidates and/or candidates looking to retest to join the ECL

For NEW candidates, or for candidates looking to retest to join PES's ECL, please register by using the link below. You will have your choice of several exam dates/times.

Our commitment to you: Police Exam Solutions is eager to assist you in navigating your way toward becoming a successful police officer. Our staff are readily available to help with your questions or concerns. .


We highly encourage you to read the ECL Terms & Conditions so you are fully informed of the Fine Print.

PES Police Candidates: List
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