PES's Eligible Candidate List

Terms & Conditions

  • I certify that I have taken a PES exam during 2020 or 2021 and have provided the correct details to PES.

  • I understand that if the information I provided is inaccurate, I will be disqualified from the process, and no refund will be issued.

  • I understand I must have received a minimum of a 70% or higher to be eligible however some agencies may require a 75% or 80% to be eligible.

  • I understand that I may be required by the hiring department to participate in, and pass, the Physical Abilities Test to be considered an eligible candidate. If I fail the PAT's, I understand I will no longer be considered for placement/employment.

  • I certify that I meet the Minimum Requirements as stated above.

  • I understand that I am applying to PES's Eligible Candidate List, a list managed by PES, comprised of qualified, vetted applicants that will be sourced to hiring departments.

  • I understand that my enrollment does not entitle me to registration for any 'department-exclusive' exam process, or any exams PES hosts in partnership, and if I want to be considered for one of these agencies, I must apply separately.

  • I acknowledge that PES does NOT guarantee placement within any participating department to which my application was forwarded to.

  • I understand that passing the written exam is only one stage of the hiring process, and that there will be subsequent hiring processes performed by the hiring agency.

  • At this time, I understand that PES is unable to accept requests for specific towns/cities for which my application will be forwarded to. PES does their best to match candidates with hiring agencies in surrounding areas, however we cannot guarantee we can accommodate specific requests.

  • I grant PES permission to forward my name, demographics, qualifications, and questionnaire to any hiring department for the purpose of pursuing a police officer's position.

  • I understand that my name and hiring credentials will remain on file with PES's Eligible Candidate List for a maximum of (1) one year, at which time I will have to option to retest and renew.

  • I certify that I will notify PES of any hiring developments, in order to have my name removed from the Eligible Candidate List.

  • I understand that my application will be forwarded to the departments that I am most eligible and qualified for, based on specific minimum requirements set by each agency.

  • I will not hold Police Exam Solutions responsible for any aspect of the hiring process, once my application is forwarded to a department. 

  • I understand that I will receive an email from PES every time my application is forwarded to a participating hiring agency. If I am not interested in being considered by that agency, I will notify PES by email to remove my name from consideration.