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PES's Eligible Candidate List (ECL)

Terms & Conditions

  • I understand I must have received a minimum of a 70% or higher on the PES police entry exam to be eligible, however some agencies may require a 75% or 80% to be eligible.

  • I understand that I may be required by the hiring department to participate in, and pass, the Physical Abilities Test to be considered an eligible candidate.

  • I understand that if a participating department requires I complete, and pass, a Physical Abilities Test, I will be afforded the opportunity to participate in a PES sponsored PAT conducted by a certified PAT instructor, based on MA fitness standards. (Separate fee may apply.)

  • I certify that I meet the Minimum Requirements as stated.

  • I understand that my enrollment to the PES ECL entitles me to my individual policeapp dashboard, which will allow me to apply directly to any participating hiring department.

  • I understand that my enrollment does not entitle me to registration for any 'department-exclusive' exam process, or any exams PES hosts in partnership, and if I want to be considered for one of these agencies, I must apply separately.

  • I acknowledge that PES does NOT guarantee placement within any participating department to which I applied to.

  • I understand that passing the written exam is only one stage of the hiring process, and that there will be subsequent hiring processes performed by the hiring agency.

  • I understand my ECL enrollment period is for (6) six months from the time of my exam registration.

  • I certify that I will notify PES of any hiring developments, in order to have my name removed from the Eligible Candidate List.

  • I understand that I am applying to the departments that I am most eligible and qualified for, based on specific minimum requirements set by each agency.

  • I will not hold Police Exam Solutions responsible for any aspect of the hiring process, once my application is forwarded to a department. 

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