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PES: The best recruitment resource for your agency


Why is the Police Exam Solutions (PES) entrance examination the best for your agency?

It is our goal to help your department establish a fair, impartial, and transparent system to evaluate each candidate's ability to posses the successful traits desired by your agency.

PES has fine-tuned the exam administration process with an emphasis on both measurable content based knowledge and personality indicators to provide your agency with the best, recruitment solutions available.

Through a completely customized website registration platform, Police Exam Solutions relieves your agency of any administrative hassles and provides you and your department everything you need from the process. Your registration site will be customized for your department and will include an introduction, job-related eligibility requirements, and a fully automated enrollment process.

Developed by a consultant with national experience, our examination actually assesses the candidates' emotional maturity for the police job and their basic cognitive abilities. In fact, the question format and subject matter of the test has been specifically designed to produce extremely low adverse impact rates. Of the various products available, this examination has the best screening of a competent and diverse group of potential police officers.

Additionally, when coupled with our Projected Personality Interpreter (PPI) product, PES can provide you with additional insight into the candidate's key personality traits. Utilizing this additional vetting tool, we help you get one step closer to making the right hiring decisions for your department.

What does our testing process measure?

Our pre-employment entrance examination is specifically tailored for a job in a public safety position so your agency can hire the right candidates the first time.


The exam measures how candidates handle stress and responsibility; their emotional skills and work attitudes; their interpersonal skills; and their level of basic education in reading, writing, and math.


Based on the intimate knowledge of law enforcement positions, our exam was developed to measure the key skills, abilities and other characteristics required for job success, and represents state-of-the-art research and design. This examination combines four measures into one result, providing a more holistic picture of a test takers’ potential. It combines a challenging cognitive ability measurement with three non-cognitive measurements: personality constructs, integrity, and biographical data.


Below are the four measures which produce a score for test takers that is highly predictive of their job success in law enforcement.


Cognitive Ability:

  • Deductive Reasoning

  • Inductive Reasoning

  • Information Gathering

  • Spatial Orientation

  • Visualization

  • Written Comprehension

  • Written Expression


Non-cognitive – Personality Constructs: 

  • Conscientiousness

  • Extraversion

  • Emotional Stability


Non-cognitive – Biodata:

  • Adaptability/Flexibility

  • Initiative/Persistence/Dependability

  • Leadership

  • Mechanical Operations

  • Physical Activity Orientation

  • Service Orientation

  • Social Engagement with Others/Teamwork

  • Stress Tolerance


Non-cognitive – Integrity:

  • Anti-Social Behaviors

  • Socialization

  • Safety Orientation

  • Orderliness

What specific services with Police Exam Solutions (PES) provide?

Police Exam Solutions provides your agency with a full service exam process.  Essentially, your department is not required to have any involvement in registering or contacting candidates until after the exam.

  • Design the examination: PES will provide a multiple choice examination that is legally valid for the purpose of determining entry level candidates for policing. Furthermore, it will not require job-specific reading, study, or course work - which is the preferred recruitment strategy.

  • Register the candidates: PES will register exam candidates through our specially designed website, where they will respond to a series of questions to determine whether they are eligible to sit for the exam. If they qualify, they will register and pay the fee online. We will even provide the opportunity for a candidate to ask for a fee waiver of the fee based on financial hardship.

  • Procter the test and provide staff necessary for exam facilitation.

  • Correct the examinations, and provide candidates with their score and rank through their individual, online portal.

  • Candidate correspondence: All candidate communication will be handled through PES.

  • Final Eligible Candidate List: Within two weeks of the exam, your agency will be provided with a complete established listing of eligible candidates for hire.

What are the responsibilities of the department?

As host department, you will be responsible for:

  • Post the test announcement and otherwise engaging in all advertising and outreach for the examination.

  • Secure a test facility with sufficient tables, chairs, and parking.

  • Provide sufficient manpower at the test site for appropriate security measures. PES will provide complete guidance on what needs to be done in advance of and during the actual administration of the test.

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