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PES's Exam Schedule 2022

Everything changes. Policing is no exception. Change is happening in law enforcement, and you can play a vital role in this revolution by pioneering the way for a new kind of cop. Take the first step in becoming a police officer, and enroll for a written exam today. Below is our listing of exam opportunities. We are looking forward to working with you soon!

Upcoming Exams: Our History
Upcoming Exams: Our Station

Eligible Candidate List (ECL) Exams

PES ECL Exams:

We offer our exams in two formats, the remote @home exam process and in-person exams. We also offer evening & weekend in-person exam options. We provide you with options that best suite your schedule.

​A new approach to hiring the next

generation of police officers.

Join the Police Exam Solutions

Eligible Candidate List (ECL)

The PES ECL aims to become the industry standard for non-Civil Service departments looking to hire. If your serious about becoming an officer, it all starts here!


The PES Eligible Candidate List (ECL) is comprised of vetted candidates and is managed by PES. The ECL will allow candidates the ability to apply to any participating MA non-Civil Service police departments.


Our mission is to offer departments qualified candidates ready for hire, while simultaneously providing our candidates with more options for hire. We are committed to providing our candidates, and departments, with the maximum number of recruitment and hiring opportunities.

Upcoming Exams: Our Station
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