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Durham & Newington, NH Entry Exam

NEW EXAM DATE: April 13, 2022 via PES's @Home Testing process

NH Consortium 2022 - Exam Logistics: Our Station


Thank you for your interest in the NH Consortium 2022. By enrolling in this exam, you are eligible for hire by either the Durham, NH PD or the Newington, NH PD. Each agency is currently seeking qualified, career oriented, intellectual, and motivated applicants to join their team. We encourage you to enroll today for this fantastic opportunity to be considered by any of the participating agencies. Currently, all agencies have a varying number of FT patrol officer vacancies available.

EXAM DATE CHANGED: The upcoming law enforcement entry exam is being held on Weds., April 13, 2022.

EXAM FORMAT CHANGED. The exam will now be conducted via PES's remote @Home Testing process. (Please check below to confirm you have the equipment necessary for participation.)

To avoid a potential disqualification please note all deadlines and/or requirements necessary for your eligibility and participation in the NH Consortium's exam process.


The Durham, NH Police Department is actively seeking qualified candidates to fill patrol officer vacancies. The department offers a competitive salary and excellent benefits package.

Salary & Benefits Package Includes:

  • Patrol Officers work a 4 day on 3 day off schedule.

  • Special assignments include:

    • Problem Oriented Police (POP)

    • Detective Division

    • Special Response Team (SRT)

    • Evidence Collection Team

    • Mountain Bike Patrol

    • School Resource Officer (SRO)

  • Starting salary is between $56,578.00 and $69,969.00, depending on experience. Most of our police officers make over $100,000.00 a year with benefits and overtime/details.

  • Health insurance, dental coverage, and a drug RX plan.

  • Short-term and long-term disability.

  • 11 paid holidays.

  • Our last community survey rated us with a 96% approval rating.

  • No residency requirement.


The Newington, NH Police Department is seeking one Police Officer candidate to provide law enforcement and community-oriented services to this diverse Seacoast/University community. Qualified candidates will receive an excellent benefits package and a competitive salary.

Salary & Benefits Package Includes:

  • Starting salary is between $26.36 and $28.98 an hour, depending on certification.

  • Officers pay 11% of health insurance with free dental. Town supports a 33% insurance buy back if you chose not to take the insurance.

  • Educational stipend: Officers receive an abundance of professional training to suit your career path in law enforcement.

  • $1,000 Uniform allowance.

  • Annual leave for physical fitness.

  • After probationary period is completed, 80 hours added to accumulated annual leave.

  • Paid holidays, vacation & sick time.

  • Short term & long term disability insurance.

  • Rotating detectives position every two years.

The Durham & Newington PD’s are Equal Opportunity Employers. Females and Minorities are encouraged to apply. Both agencies are Meritorious CALEA Accredited agencies.



  1. Meet the Minimum Requirements necessary for your participation.

  2. Complete on or before the deadline (5pm on April 6th), your PES Projected Personality Interpreter (PPI), (completed through the PES site:, see detailed notes in the PES section below.



  • Must be 21 at time of appointment.

  • Candidates must have a High School degree or G.E.D., but a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is preferred.

  • Must be able to complete the NH Police Standards & Training Full-Time academy (if non-certified).

  • Must possess excellent verbal & written communication skills.

  • Must pass the Written Exam administered by Police Exam Solutions.

  • Must pass the Physical Fitness Testing.

  • Must pass the Oral Board (If selected to participate in the oral board process, you will be notified of your scheduled time after the PT Test).

  • Participate in and pass a Background Investigation.

  • Pass a Medical Examination. Also, successful candidates will be required to pass the medical examination once every three years for the duration of their career in New Hampshire law enforcement.

  • Candidate must pass a Psychological Exam.

  • Pass the Polygraph Exam (Questions will be based on your application, resume, responses to the completed Background Investigation, as well as medical and physical considerations), and

  • Must pass the Chief’s Interview.



Your exam is being held through our remote @Home Testing process. We have reserved sessions for 2:00pm on April 13, 2022. Three to four business days prior to the exam day, you will receive an invitation to book your exam for. You must book your session within 24 hours from your email invite.

  1. Valid Photo ID

  2. You are required to have a reliable internet connection. If our proctor cannot see you at all times, you will be disqualified and not permitted to log back in.

  3. You will be required to have 2 devices on the day of the test:

    • Mobile smartphone or tablet. The GoToMeeting app will be used as the video/audio app for the IOS Test Proctor to monitor and communicate with you during the exam.

    • Desktop or Laptop PC running Windows 7 or later. The IOS Testing Application will be downloaded to this device in order for you to take the exam. Currently, the in-home testing is only available for PC. The IOS Testing Application is not compatible with Macs or Chromebooks.

  4. You will be required to download GoToMeeting Application on a mobile device.

  5. You will be required to download the IOS Testing Application on a Desktop or Laptop PC.

  6. A confirmation email will be sent once you have scheduled your @Home Test. This email will confirm the date and time of your test administration, as well as provide you with a Candidate Guide to assist you in downloading all necessary software.

  7. * * * CONFIRMATION EMAIL * * *  This email contains important information regarding your test administration. If you do not receive this email after scheduling your test, please contact PES immediately.

  8. Use the Candidate Guide (included in your confirmation email) to follow the step-by-step instructions for downloading the GoToMeeting and IOS Testing Applications.

  9. You will be provided login credentials from the proctor on the day of your test. You will NOT have access to the IOS Testing Application prior to your test date.

  10. You will receive a second email 24 hours prior to your test administration containing your GoToMeeting access information. If you do not receive this email, contact PES immediately.

PHYSICAL AGILITY TEST (PAT): The PAT's have not been scheduled. It is strongly suggested that you take this time to train to develop your strength and endurance in order to pass this section of the process. To help you prepare, please visit for NH’s guidelines on the Fitness Test. Candidates must pass all phases of the assessment at 35% or greater for their age group and gender in order to receive further consideration.


The PPI is a pre-requisite to the written exam. This component must be completed by 5pm on Weds., April 6, 2022 in order to be eligible to sit for the test.

The first part of the written examination process is the Candidate Insight Report (CIR), and the Projected Personality Interpreter (PPI). There are two sections in this process. The CIR and the PPI. You must complete both sections in order to successfully submit your PPI component.

  • The CIR will require you to complete a series of questions regarding your demographics, and your skills and qualifications for the job. While many of your answers will be calculated based on your answers provided by you during the registration process, it is up to you to make sure your PES CIR is complete.

  • The PPI consists of 10 essay questions. Utilizing IBM Watson AI technology, the PPI is used to identify the top key personality traits possessed by candidates. The PPI report is not scored and/or ranked. It is designed to provide the department with personality insight for each candidate. A candidate will not be hired or eliminated from consideration for hire, based on this feedback. personality.

BE ON THE LOOKOUT! Upon your successful registration acceptance, the PPI portal will automatically email you a set of access instructions. Since this email will sometimes be intercepted by ISP firewalls, we advise you search all folders within your email box. The ‘from’ address is Please note that your first-time access must be made through the link contained in the email.

Failure to complete your PPI by the deadline will automatically be disqualified. If you need assistance or have questions, call PES directly.

The second part of the exam process is the written exam. You will be participating in a written exam specifically tailored for predicting candidate’s best qualified for a career in law enforcement. Once the process begins and test administration is complete, you will have 2.5 hours to complete your exam.


At this time, we do not offer a study guide for our exam.

PES will notify candidates via email when results are in. Typically, scores are released within (3) business days from the date of the exam. Score access instructions will be included in your “Results-Are-In” email.

All fees paid are NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstances. and PES do not offer make-up exam sessions or returns for exam registration purchases. Your registration purchase is for that particular exam only and cannot be transferred to another exam.

PES is here to help! Police Exam Solutions is facilitating and hosting the NH Consortium's 2022 exam. As such, we have staff ready to assist you with any questions you have regarding your PPI setup, the Written Exam, or general questions about this opportunity. To receive a timely response to your inquiries, we highly encourage you to submit your questions to, or by calling our office at 781.645.6005.

Do NOT contact the Department's, or you may be disqualified from the process.

Upon clicking the Register Here button, you will be redirected to our partner, to complete your registration. is only responsible for processing registrations and assisting with questions relating specifically to your account. All other exam-related questions must be directed to PES at 781.645.6005 or by email at

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