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Sharon PD entry exam: Sat., July 16, 2022

Thank you for registering for the Sharon PD exam. 

Exam Details

Exam Date: Saturday, July 16, 2022

Exam Location: Sharon Middle School

Address: 75 Mountain St., Sharon, MA

Check-In: Begins at 8:15am. Doors close promptly at 9:00am. No admittance after 9:00am.

What You Need to Bring: (2) No. 2 pencils, your valid photo ID, and a water if you choose.

What NOT to Bring: Do NOT bring any smart devices in the building. Any device with a camera and/or internet connection is forbidden. You will be immediately disqualified if you are found with any smart device.

Reminder: Your PPI component, the prerequisite to the written exam, must be completed and submitted by 5pm on Weds., July 13, 2022, or you will not be permitted to participate in the exam. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

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Salary & Benefits

The Sharon PD seeks qualified candidates for the role of Police Officer. They are currently looking to fill (2) two immediate openings, and an anticipated 2-4 positions within the next year. The Department offers a competitive salary and benefits package:

  • July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023 (Salary Range $52,642 - $69,803)

  • Quinn Bill (10% Associate Degree, 20% Bachelor Degree)

  • 70% Town 30% Employee Insurance Compensation

  • Education Reimbursement

  • Uniform Allowance

  • 11 Holidays

  • Night Shift Differential

  • EMT Stipend

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All candidates for employment as sworn police officers must meet the following qualifications. By registering for this exam, you agree that you meet these minimum qualifications. Failure to do so may result in your disqualification for employment.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must be a United States Citizen;

  • Be at least 21 years of age at the time of the written examination;

  • Be able to pass the written examination for Police Officer. Candidates who pass the exam may be considered for further processing based on education, Military Service, Paramedic or EMT certification, second language proficiency, Sharon resident, prior public service, or prior law enforcement experience;

  • Be a high school graduate or possess a General Equivalency Diploma. Preference may be given to those candidates that have a college degree, or be an active member of the military or honorably discharged;

  • Be a non-smoker;

  • Pass the background investigation. A thorough investigation of each candidate will be conducted. The investigation will include, at a minimum, the verification of a candidate's qualifying credentials, a criminal history records check, Registry of Motor Vehicles check, an employment history check, verification of at least (5) personal references, and interview with previous employers, coworkers, and current and past neighbors;

  • Not be a convicted felon, or have any equivalent convictions that would be a felony in Massachusetts. If the checks do not reveal any issues, a minimum of fifteen candidates will move to the second step in the process and participate in a preliminary review. Candidates selected for further consideration must submit a completed background investigation packet, sign an Authorization for Release of Information Form, and produce any required documentation;

  • Successfully pass a drug and alcohol screen;

  • Possess a valid Massachusetts driver's license;

  • Have the ability to obtain a Massachusetts Class A License to Carry a Firearm;

  • Have the ability to pass a physical exam and the Physical Abilities Test. The Municipal Police Training Counsel also administers a Cooper Test before each Academy. Sharon Police personnel will administer a pre test prior to offering conditional hire to any candidate. A physical examination will be conducted by a licensed physician. Prior to being accepted to a basic recruit academy, candidates must successfully complete the Physical Abilities Test (PAT), administered by the Massachusetts Human Resources Division. The PAT consists of events that require candidates to perform simulations of activities that are a part of a police officer's job;

  • Be able to pass the psychological examination. All candidates who accept a conditional offer of employment will undergo a psychological evaluation. The evaluation will be conducted in two (2) phases; a written test/evaluation and a clinical evaluation. A licensed psychologist or psychiatrist will conduct the psychological screening;

  • Have the ability to pass the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Academy in order to achieve basic certification as a Police Officer. The probationary period for the student police officer is one (1) year following successful completion of a Municipal Police Training Committee certified Academy;

  • Have a strong character background;

  • Be expected to maintain a professional appearance; and

  • Be willing and able to meet the duties and obligations of a Sharon Police Officer.

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Exam Date: Saturday, July 16, 2022

Exam Location: Sharon Middle School

Address: 75 Mountain St., Sharon, MA

Check-In: Begins at 8:15am. Doors close promptly at 9:00am. No admittance after 9:00am.

What You Need to Bring: (2) No. 2 pencils, your valid photo ID, and a water if you choose.

What NOT to Bring: Do NOT bring any smart devices in the building. Any device with a camera and/or internet connection is forbidden. You will be immediately disqualified if you are found with any smart device.

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Exam Details


Thank you for your interest in the Sharon Police Department's 2022 Entry Exam scheduled for: Saturday, July 16, 2022. Provided below is important information on your exam and the recruitment process.


PRE-REQUISITE TO WRITTEN EXAM: Part I - PES: Projected Personality Interpreter (PPI):


The PPI is a pre-requisite to the written exam. This component must be completed prior to the written exam in order to sit for the test.


The first part of the written examination is the Candidate Insight Report (CIR), and the Projected Personality Interpreter (PPI). There are two sections in this process. The CIR and the PPI. You must complete both sections in order to successfully submit your PPI component.

  • The CIR will require you to complete a series of questions regarding your demographics, and your skills and qualifications for the job. While many of your answers will be calculated based on your answers provided by you during the registration process, it is up to you to make sure your PES CIR is complete.

  • The PPI consists of 10 essay questions. Utilizing IBM Watson AI technology, the PPI is used to identify the top key personality traits possessed by candidates. The PPI report is not scored and/or ranked. It is designed to provide the department with personality insight for each candidate. A candidate will not be hired or eliminated from consideration for hire, based on this feedback. personality.


BE ON THE LOOKOUT! Upon your successful registration acceptance, the PPI portal will automatically email you a set of access instructions. Since this email will sometimes be intercepted by ISP firewalls, we advise you search all folders within your email box. The ‘from’ address is Your first-time access must be made through the link contained in the email. Have questions – call PES. Deadline for PPI Completion is 5pm on Weds, July 13, 2022. Failure to complete your PPI by the deadline will automatically be disqualified.



The second part of the exam process is the written exam. You will be participating in a written exam specifically tailored for predicting candidate’s best qualified for a career in law enforcement. Your exam was developed to measure the key skills, abilities and other characteristics required for job success. Once the process begins and test administration is complete, you will have 2.5 hours to complete your exam.



At this time, we do not offer a study guide for our exam. The exam consists of non-cognitive and cognitive questions. To ensure the best testing performance, we recommend our candidate’s follow these simple steps to exam success:

  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before the exam,

  • Eat a nutritious breakfast before the exam,

  • Be Prepared! Have any/all your required materials ready for exam day,

  • Know what to bring and what not to bring,

  • Be on Time! Check-in starts at 8:15am. Doors close at 9:00am. NO admittance after 9:00am, and

  • Answer the test questions honestly.


PES will notify candidates via email when results are in. Typically, scores are released within (5) business days from the date of the exam. Score access instructions will be included in your “Results-Are-In” email. 


The Police Officer Physical Ability Test is a demanding component of the testing process. The Sharon PD PAT is scheduled after the written exam and the conclusion of the formal interview process and conditional offer of employment. All conditional upon current department openings. It is strongly suggested that you train to develop your strength and endurance in order to pass this section of the process. The Sharon PD follows the MPTC Entry-Level Physical Standards established at the 30% Percentile Cooper Institute Norm.


Below are the exercises you will be expected to perform and pass.

  • One minute push-up (see alternative for female candidates

  • One minute sit-up

  • 1.5 mile walk/run

  • 300 meter run

For more detailed information, please refer to the MPTC Health and Wellness Fitness Preparation Guide.


PES offers a fee waiver application for candidates who are unable to pay the registration fee due to a financial hardship. To determine your eligibility for a fee waiver, and to apply, click here.


All fees paid are NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstances. PES does not offer make-up exam sessions or returns for exam registration purchases. Your registration purchase is for that particular exam only and cannot be transferred to another exam.


PES is here to help! Police Exam Solutions is facilitating and hosting the SPD exam. To receive a timely response to your inquiries, we highly encourage you to submit your questions to, or by calling our office at 781.645.6005.

Do NOT contact the SPD, or you may be disqualified from the process.

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