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Somerset PD Exam Specifics

Exam Date: Saturday, October 26, 2019

Exam Location: Somerset Berkley Regional High School, 625 County St., Somerset, MA

Check-In begins at 8:15am.  Doors close promptly at 9:00am. No admittance after 9:00am.

Deadline for Registration:  The deadline to register is midnight on Wednesday, October 23rd, or when the maximum number of participants has been reached.

Exam Confirmation: An exam confirmation letter will be emailed once the registration period has ended.​

Each Candidate is Required To:

  • Submit your completed online Candidate Questionnaire and Essay Questions no later than 9:00am the day before the exam or you will be disqualified, and

  • Bring to the exam your valid photo ID, (2) No. 2 pencils, your resume & cover letter, and proof of certifications and/or college transcripts, if applicable (photocopies are acceptable).  You may also bring a water.


NO CELL PHONE OR SMART DEVICES, NO EXCEPTIONS! Do NOT bring your cell phone or any other smart device with you to the exam.  Anyone found with a smart device will be automatically disqualified from the testing process, and asked to leave.

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  • PES does not offer returns for exam registration purchases. Your registration purchase is for that particular exam only and can not be transferred to another exam.