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Can I sit for an exam more than once or transfer my PES exam score?

Yes; You are eligible to sit for any exam you have registered for.


Another great option is to transfer your previous PES exam score to your upcoming PES exam. We have now enabled this benefit to include scores received from an @Home Testing or in-person testing process. You may only transfer a score forward, never back to an already completed exam process.During 2020, we are permitting scores received from any PES exam between 9.1.19-12.31.20 to be transferred forward to any other exam held throughout 2020. 

Q. How does the score transfer process work?

A. You must register for the exam(s), (yes, you are responsible for the registration fee), complete the PPI component, and forward any required documentation to the appropriate agency (we will provide on the registration site the exact instructions as determined by the PD). You must "clone/transfer" your score to the new department's PPI portal PRIOR to the close of exam registration. We do not perform the clone/transfer function on your behalf. This is your responsibility. If you fail to do this by the deadline your score will not be transferred and you will not be considered as a candidate. We are here to help, so if this is not clear, it's in your best interest to reach out to us.

Q. How do I transfer my score?

A. To transfer an eligible score, log-in to the department portal for which you are transferring your score from. Once logged in, click the "Clone" button in the upper righthand corner and select the agency you'd like your score to be applied. Your choice(s) will be formulated based on the department's you registered for.

Q. What is the benefit of transferring my score?

A. You do not need to show up to take the written exam, your information including score, contact info, Candidate Insight Report and Projected Personality Interpreter data will be forwarded to the department, on your behalf.

Q. Can I transfer my score from another testing agency?

A. No. The score transfer benefit is only applicable to PES scores.

Do I need to pay the registration fee I am taking multiple exams?

Yes. You are responsible for the registration fee for each department you are applying to. We recognize it can get expensive if you apply to multiple agencies. That is why we highly encourage you to learn as much as possible about the department's for which you're considering employment. Educate yourself about the agency so you can make an informed decision. This is where you could spend the majority of your career, after all.

Can I find out how I ranked on the exam?

This is something we no longer provide to our candidates. Why? Well we found it was very misleading. In the past we have worked with cities/towns that gave points for certain qualifications and/or skills that a candidate possessed. This information was relayed to the candidates so there was absolute transparency, however it proved confusing for many folks.

For instance, if I ranked #5 with a score of 85% on the written exam, but I was not CPR certified, and only had my G.E.D., I was bumped to #36 because of the other candidates in my pool that had their Masters Degrees and a CPR certification.

Keep in mind that this scoring matrix is created on an individual city/town basis, and is typically revealed to candidates throughout the registration process.

Do you offer a study guide for your exam?

At this time, we do not offer a study guide for our exam. The reason being is that unlike other law enforcement entrance exams, our exam is different. It consists primarily of situational based scenario's and/or questions. For example, it asks questions to better determine who you are and how you would respond in certain situations, how you handle stress, and how you deal with supervisors, to name a few. These are not questions you can study for. What we tell our candidates is simple:

  • Get a good nights sleep the night before the exam,

  • Eat a nutritious breakfast before the exam,

  • Be Prepared! Have all your required documents/materials ready for exam day,

  • Know what to bring and what not to bring,

  • And, Be On Time! Check-in starts at 8:15am. Doors close at 9:00am and there is absolutely NO admittance after 9:00am.

* Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many procedures, protocols, and state mandated safety guidelines have been put in place. Details will be provided in the email confirm sent to you the week prior to the exam. We will also post them on our homepage. Since email is not always reliable, make sure you're in the know by staying tuned to our website.

What is the passing grade for the exam?

Each town/city determines the pass/fail threshold for their exam. The determination is typically made once scores are in. You will be notified of the pass/fail score when your result is available to you.

Do you offer a make-up exam?

No. You must sit for the actual exam if you want to be considered by that department.

Military accommodations: We do our best to accommodate those serving our country. If you are interested in enrolling in an exam, but will be out of the country, we will do our best to work with you to find an alternate solution. Please contact our office directly to discuss your situation, or email us at


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