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Score Transfers: Can I transfer my prior PES exam score?

We encourage all candidates committed to becoming police officers to maximize their potential for being hired, and apply to all agencies of interest. Whether it's a PES process, or another agency's testing service, there is a serious need for qualified and determined candidates who are passionate about law enforcement and becoming an officer. Therefore, we want to make things easier for our candidates looking to enroll in multiple exam opportunities!

That is why at PES we make the score transfer process easy and seamless! Our system allows you to easily transfer your score from one agency's process, to another. With one click, your Candidate Insight Report and exam score can be easily transferred to other exam opportunities. Below is a list of simple instructions to make your score transfer process run smoothly.

How it works:

  • Your PES score is eligible for transfer for one calendar year, Jan. 1st through Dec. 31st, unless otherwise noted. 

  • If the department which you are applying accepts score transfers, and your previous exam score is within the calendar year, Yes, you can transfer your score. The score transfer acceptance will be specified on the department's registration site.

Steps for transfer - Keep it Simple:

Just remember, you're transferring from the "old" to the "new."

  1. Register for the new exam.

  2. Do NOT go into the PPI portal of the new exam. If you enter info into your new PPI, the system will not be permitted to transfer your info. It needs a "blank slate" to transfer your previous entries.

  3. First things first: Go into your 'old' PPI portal - the one you'll be transferring your exam score from

  4. Once logged in, click the "Clone" button.

  5. Select the department you want to transfer your score to

  6. Our system will perform the clone/transfer function. You will receive a "Successful" message once the process is complete.

Important Notes: 

  • You are only permitted to transfer scores received during the 2022 calendar year (Jan 1 - Dec 31), unless otherwise stated.

  • You can transfer a score forward to an upcoming exam. You can not transfer a score back to a previous exam process.

  • You are responsible for the full registration fee for each opportunity/exam for which you are transferring your score. 

  • Once your transfer/clone is complete, you can login to your new department to verify your information was successfully processed. Please note that while you will see your transferred content, you will not be able to view your actual score until the rest of the testing group can see their results as well.

  • You will receive an email when the exam results are available. At this time, you can login and see your transferred score.

  • Candidate's are responsible for performing the score transfer/cloning process. We do not transfer score(s) on your behalf.

  • Only PES scores can be transferred. We do not accept scores received from another testing agency.

Do I need to pay the registration fee I am taking multiple exams?

Yes. You are responsible for the registration fee for each department you are applying to. We recognize it can get expensive if you apply to multiple agencies. That is why we highly encourage you to learn as much as possible about the department's for which you're considering employment. So you can make the best decision on where to apply based on your desired criteria.

Can I find out how I ranked on the exam?

This is something we no longer provide to our candidates. Why? Well, we found it was very misleading as we have worked with agencies that used special qualifiers, for example CPR Certified, Bilingual, Veterans status, Residency. While your raw written exam score will never be affected, there may be additional points awarded for the qualifiers. When the points are awarded, it affects the ranking. Should an agency opt to use a "special qualifier" model, it will be outlined on the registration site.

Do you offer a study guide for your exam?

At this time, we do not offer a study guide for our exam. The reason being is that unlike other law enforcement entrance exams, our exam is different. It consists primarily of situational based scenario's and/or questions that test primarily on non-cognitive/integrity dimensions. For example, it asks questions to better determine who you are and how you would respond in certain situations. These are not questions you can study for. What we tell our candidates is simple:

  • Get a good nights sleep the night before the exam,

  • Eat a nutritious breakfast before the exam,

  • Be Prepared! Have all your required documents/materials ready for exam day,

  • Know what to bring and what not to bring,

  • And, Be On Time! Check-in starts at 8:15am. Doors close at 9:00am and there is absolutely NO admittance after 9:00am.

* If there are Covid safety protocols put in place for your exam, we will notify you in advance. Details will be provided in the email confirm sent to you the week prior to the exam. We will also post them on our homepage. Since email is not always reliable, make sure you're in the know by staying tuned to our website.

What is the passing grade for the exam?

Each town/city determines the pass/fail threshold for their exam. The determination of this threshold is typically provided in the exam announcement, or upon the release of scores. You will be notified of the pass/fail score when your results are available.

Do you offer a make-up exam?

No. We do not offer make-up exam dates. You must sit for the actual exam if you want to be considered by that department.

Military accommodations: We do our best to accommodate those serving our country. If you are interested in enrolling in an exam, but will be out of the country, we will do our best to work with you to find an alternate solution. Please contact our office directly to discuss your situation, or email us at info@policeexamsolutions.com.