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For Candidates is about Making Connections between departments looking to hire, and applicants looking to get hired.


getbadged is the new approach to hiring the next generation of police officers.

We are pleased to announce

When traditional methods of getting hired aren't working for you, we are!

When you're ready get hired for the role of Police Officer, we are here to help you succeed.


  • Membership is free. Once a member, you'll have access to our complete list of hiring opportunities.

  • Automatically upgrade to our Premium Membership by registering and passing the written entry exam.

  • Achieving a passing score allows you the ability to apply to any job posts for which you meet the agency's Minimum Requirements.

  • Premium Membership term is (6) months. During this time, you may apply any/as many jobs as you wish. No limits!

  • Custom dashboard to manage your applications, and view your status with the hiring department(s).

  • Departments with a Premium Membership have the ability to reach to you, (badge request), based solely on your skills and qualifications. As soon as you badge them back to indicate you're interested in their department, a match has been made. Your full profile, application, and uploaded documents will automatically be forwarded to the department for further consideration.

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What is

Once upon a time, not too long ago, the desire to become a police officer was a sign of endurance, commitment and dedication to protecting and serving your community, and was a career that provided a greater sense of purpose. Fast forward to today, and the profession is under great scrutiny. Folks who once dreamed of a career in law enforcement, are met with confusion, skepticism, and fear.

We’re here to let folks know, you don’t have to let fear deter your career goals, or your dream of becoming an officer. Policing is changing. Through specialized training, education, and reform, YOU have the power to be part of the change! is a custom solution, developed and maintained by Police Exam Solutions, to assist our clients, both police agencies & candidates, our newest recruitment service for hiring and getting hired. Formerly known as the PES Eligible Candidate List (ECL), provides you more functionality, better features, and the tools and resources necessary to conduct a successful hiring process, and exposure to an unlimited of opportunities to apply and get hired by department’s looking for you to join their team.

Join us as getbadged aims to become the industry standard for non-Civil Service municipal departments, campus police, hospital public safety agencies, and correction’s departments looking to hire. If your serious about hiring, or becoming an officer, it all starts here!


Membership is free.

  • To view our list of hiring departments and the jobs available, you must become a getbadged member.

  • Your free membership will automatically upgrade to Premium status as soon as you register for an exam, and pass with a 70% and above.

  • Once you’ve achieved this qualification, you’ll be eligible to apply to our hiring departments. 

  • There is no limit to the amount of jobs you can apply to during your six (6) month Premium Membership term.

getbadged is about making connections. It's the first platform of it's kind to make getting hired easier, fair & transparent, and cost effective. We aim to become the industry standard for non-Civil Service police departments and public safety agencies looking to hire!

If you're serious about becoming an officer, it all starts here.

Join us in the next chapter of police recruiting for 21st century!



To apply to these job postings, candidates must achieve a 70% and above on the PES Entry Exam.

Once you have your passing score, you can apply to any/all of the follow job postings

with our participating departments.

  • Boston Housing Authority PD - FT Entry Level & FT Academy Trained Police Officers

  • Berklee College of Music PD - FT Officer(s)

  • Milford PD - - FT Entry Level & FT Academy Trained Police Officers

  • Somerset PD - FT Officer

  • Rochester PD - FT Officer

  • Swampscott PD - FT Officer (Dept will keep applications on file for next hiring process)

  • Durham, NH PD - FT Officer

Visit the For Candidates info page on for additional more information

and to learn of our job opportunities within our hiring agencies.

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