Bringing AI to Policing: The Projected Personality Interpreter (PPI)

What is our Projected Personality Interpreter (PPI)? A new era of cognitive technology, namely IBM Watson, is helping measure the personality, needs, and values of potential recruits in a noninvasive and unbiased manner.

This represents an ability to gain more insight during recruitment and also measure officer's personality attributes to develop a better understanding of compatibility and desirable common traits.

The new dimension of personality analytics plays a large part in delivering insight to police departments, from the recruitment process to understanding the personality of a department, it's culture, and it's different groups, even the ability to see which candidates are compatible with active officers. 

Through Darwin Ecosystem's Projected Personality Interpreter (PPI) system, and partnership with IBM Watson, we built an online exam registration questionnaire capable of extracting personality traits. The results are displayed as shown in our sample PPI, in easy to interpret graphs.

The Optimal Assessment and Risk Assessment charts show green for positive and red for negative attributes. Baseline and full range are also encoded into the graphs to provide complete context for the candidates individual scores.


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