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Burlington & Wenham PD's Consortium Exam 2022

October 15, 2022

Thank you for your interest in the Burlington PD and the Wenham PD Consortium Exam. Both agencies have multiple immediate positions available, and anticipate additional openings in the future. The list of eligible candidates will remain on file for approximately two years or until the list is exhausted, whichever comes first. Candidates looking to become a patrol officer with either the Burlington PD or the Wenham PD are encouraged to register and participate in the written exam. The list will be shared by the participating departments, which means you are eligible for hire by two agencies, for the price of one!


Applicants must pass the PAT’s to be eligible to sit for the written exam.

Physical Abilities Test (PAT): Sat., October 1, 2022

Written Exam: Sat., October 15, 2022 (Reg deadline: 9am on Sept. 28th)

Thank you for your interest in the Burlington and Wenham PD’s upcoming law enforcement entry exam being held on Sat., October 15, 2022. The in-person exam will be facilitated by Police Exam Solutions (PES). In order to participate in the written exam, you must participate in, and pass, the PAT on Sat., October 1, 2022.  The steps to success are below.

    1. Register for the exam,

    2. Pass the PAT,

    3. If you pass the PAT, you must pass the written test,

    4. If you pass the written test, you may get invited to the interview by either agency,

    5. If you pass the interview, you may get invited to participate in a short, scenario based, series of simulator exercises.

​BPD & WPD: Minimum Requirements

  1. Be a U.S. citizen (by birth or naturalization);

  2. Be at least 21 and no older than 35 as of the date of the written examination;

  3. Possess a valid Massachusetts driver's license (or obtain one within 6 months of appointment);

  4. Possess a High School Diploma or G.E.D. certificate (preference may be given to those candidates that have a college degree, military experience or combination);

  5. Be a non-smoker;

  6. No felony convictions or equivalent convictions that would be a felony in Massachusetts;

  7. Have a strong character background and not be included on any decertification list or index;

  8. Must have the ability to pass the Massachusetts police academy, or an equivalent basic training academy, approved by the Municipal Police Training Committee in order to achieve basic certification as a police officer;

  9. Must be able to obtain a Massachusetts Class A License to Carry a Firearm;

  10. All candidates for appointment to the position of Burlington Police Officer shall have tattoos, body art, brands or scarifications of any type removed prior to appointment. For the purpose of this rule only those tattoos, body art, brands or scarifications that are visible when the candidate is dressed in the Department's summer duty uniform must be removed. Attempts to disguise, cover-up or, otherwise keep any such tattoos, body art, brands or scarifications from view shall not satisfy the requirements of this rule;

  11. Ability to pass all requirements as set forth by the Police Officer Standards and Training Commission (POST);

  12. Be willing and able to meet the duties and obligations of a Burlington Police Officer as described in the attached job description. 

All candidates must understand that these basic minimum qualifications do not guarantee candidates employment and are not an offer of employment. All candidates will be assessed for their fitness for the position throughout the entire selection process.

PAT Process:

Failure to have the necessary documents may result in the immediate disqualification from the entire recruitment process.

​     Exam Date:     Sat., October 1, 2022

     Check-in:         Begins at 9am. You must show up 30 minutes prior.


     What to Bring:  

          - Photo ID,

          - Signed & witnessed waiver, and

          - Wear appropriate athletic attire

     What Not to Bring:

          - Leave all personal belongings in your vehicle, and 

          - No earphones/ear pods

Written Exam Process:

     Exam Date:     Sat., October 15, 2022

     Check-in:         Begins at 8:15am. Test begins promptly at 9:00am. No entry after 9am.

     Location:         Burlington ???????

     What to Bring: 

             - Valid photo ID,

             - (2) No. 2 pencils,

             - Bottled water, if you chose

      What Not to Bring:

            - No cell phones and/or smart devices. If you are found with these items, you will

               be automatically disqualified.

PPI Component Due: 5pm on Weds., Sept. 28, 2022 – If your PPI submission is not completed by this time, you are disqualified from the BPD/WPD process and should not report to your scheduled PAT. No exceptions will be made.

Transferring Prior PES Scores:

  • Transferring of prior PES exam scores: Prior PES exam results are NOT eligible for score transferring to the BPD & WPD exam. Anyone who is interested in being considered in the hiring process must sit for this exam.


  • PES will notify candidates via email when results are in. Once results are in, you can login and access your score in your PPI portal. Typically, scores are released within (5) business days from the date of the written exam.

Important Note About Registering:

  • All of our exam communications with you are linked to your email. In the event you do not have a Paypal account, it is our recommendation that you use the "Check-Out as Guest" on the Paypal payment portal. If you use someone else's Paypal account, they will receive our emails, not you. Stay in the know by using your own email!


  • All fees paid are NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstances. PES does not offer make-up exam sessions or returns for exam registration purchases. Your registration purchase is for that particular exam only and cannot be transferred to another exam.