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Minimum Requirements

By registering for the PES's Eligible Candidate List, you agree that you meet the Minimum Requirements listed below.

* Some PD's may require a higher standard of requirements.

  • Be legally authorized to work in the United States as a police officer.

  • High School Graduate/ GED Equivalent.

  • Be a United States citizen (birth or naturalized) upon appointment to the Police Academy.

  • At least 21 years old by the date of appointment.

  • Must have an active Massachusetts driver's license.

  • Be a Non-Smoker.

  • Must reside within 15 miles of the border of the town/city within one (1) year of appointment. (Relocation expenses are not provided. Time will be allowed for relocation associated with the appointment.)

  • Ability to obtain a valid Firearms License to Carry.

  • Must have passed written entrance examination with Police Exam Solutions, LLC during 2019, 2020, and/or 2021.

  • Must successfully pass the Physical Abilities Test (PAT) facilitated through the hiring department.   

  • Have the ability to pass the department's facilitated background and psychological examination prior to employment.

  • Must pass interstate criminal and a driver's history performed by hiring department.

  • Must pass the department's oral interviews.

  • Must pass medical examination facilitated through the department.

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Terms & Conditions

  • You grant PES permission to forward your name, contact information, and credentials, for the purpose of pursing a police officer's position to any participating department.

  • Your membership to PES's Police Candidates Eligible Candidate List is active for (1) calendar year, or until hired, whichever comes first.

  • You agree to notify PES of any change to your employment status so we may remove you from our eligible candidate list.

  • You understand that PES does NOT guarantee placement within any participating agency to which your application has been forwarded to.

  • The written exam is only one stage of the hiring process. Passing the written exam does not guarantee you will be hired.

  • PES will do their best to match you with hiring agencies in the areas surrounding your residence, however at this time, we are unable to accept requests for specific towns.

  • You understand the PES Police Candidates List entitles you to be on our eligible for-hire list which will be given to police departments seeking new officers.

  • PES Police Candidates Eligible Candidate List excludes registration and fees to department-exclusive exams. (For ex: if the Burlington PD is hosting an exclusive exam to establish their candidate pool, you must register and apply through their process.)

  • PES will notify you, via email, when your application has been forwarded to a hiring agency.

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