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Investing in the future of our police departments, one candidate at a time

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PES is pleased to introduce

vF getbadgedcom logo color-on-transparent HR.png Making Connections Happen is a community of professionals looking to hire, or get hired, for the role of Police Officer.

Specifically designed to create one centralized hub for departments hiring and candidates looking to get hired. getbadged is an innovative, never been done before, 21st century approach to recruitment. When the traditional methods for hiring are no longer effective, we need to think outside the box. getbadged is pioneering the way to a a new approach that allows more for more opportunities for a successful recruitment and hiring process.

Candidates & Departments The new way to hire, or get hired

Brought to you by Police Exam Solutions, is a community of professionals looking to hire, or get hired, for the role of Police Officer.


Introducing, the innovative police recruitment website that has never been done before! is a revolutionary platform that has been specifically designed to help candidates find the maximum number of hiring opportunities, as well as assists non-Civil Service police departments across the country streamline their recruitment processes and hire the best candidates. provides a simple and effective way for candidates looking to get hired by departments looking to hire, an easier than ever before way to finding jobs looking to seeking to attract quality candidates. If you are looking candidate looking to get hired as a law enforcement officer, getbadged is your source. is not just a job board, but a comprehensive and centralized recruitment platform that is customized to the needs of departments and candidates. 


With the shortage of qualified police candidates, police departments are struggling to find qualified applicants to join their ranks. is the solution to this problem. Our platform offers a one-stop-shop for police recruitment that includes everything from job postings to applicant tracking, and entry exams and skill assessments. getbadged applicants that possess varying degrees of qualifications and training are choosing getbadged as their primary source to conduct job searches that best align with their level of experience and skills. Serving Entry level applicants seeking to start their career in law enforcement, are FT Academy Trained, and/or Certified Officers/Lateral transfer candidates are quickly finding that getbadged provides the greatest amount of hiring opportunities within non-Civil Service law enforcement agencies. is designed to provide your agency the opportunity to connect with the largest pool of diverse, eligible, vetted applicants who possess the skills and qualifications most desired by departments. Hiring agencies looking to recruit the best and the brightest for your police department, look no further than getbadged offers a platform that is a game-changer in police recruitment. Try getbadged out today and see the difference it can make for your job search and recruitment efforts.

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"I recently took an exam through Police Exam Solutions and wanted to share my thoughts with you. The process to sign up was very easy and thorough. They followed up with email instructions on everything. They were very helpful when I reached out by phone to ask questions before signing up. I especially appreciated the PPI essay questions. It gave each individual a chance to express who they are and what they believe in as an individual. The test was challenging, but overall it was a very smooth process and I was very happy with the results."

Ashley C.

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