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Police Exam Solutions proudly introduces


Welcome to getbadged, our custom-developed innovative, 21st century approach to police recruiting & hiring for non-Civil Service

public safety agencies. is quickly revolutionizing how hiring and getting hired is done and done successfully;

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Police Exam Solutions, innovator & creator of, is pleased to announce there's a new more cost-effective, efficient way to hire and get hired! An industry leader with over 23 years of experience and a stellar reputation for assessing and vetting high caliber applicants, we are quickly revolutionizing how recruitment & hiring is successfully accomplished.


getbadged aims to provide a clearly defined, fair & transparent process, to centralize your job search efforts and provide you with the independence and maximum opportunities you deserve to successfully secure a job as a law enforcement officer!

The getbadged process eliminates the need for any department-held entry exams by simplifying the application & hiring process necessary to quickly & efficiently secure a job in law enforcement.

Ready to getbadged? It's as easy as 1, 2 3:

  1. Create your Account: Create a getbadged account for FREE to fill out your Candidate Profile. Complete your application package by uploading your supporting documents.

  2. Take the Exam: Register & take your entry exam through PES/getbadged.

  3. Get Hired: Check out our complete list of job opportunities. As soon as your exam score is posted to your getbadged account, it will be visible to departments when you apply to jobs.

Entry Level & Academy Trained jobs require a passing exam score. Register & pass your exam with getbadged & any departments you apply to within your (6) month getbadged membership period will be provided with your exam score, confirming for our departments that you have met their exam requirement. Police Dispatcher & Cert Officers/Lat Transfer jobs do not require an exam score.

We recognize there's no one-size-fits-all approach to finding the right position for you which is why getbadged is pleased to offer numerous membership levels tailored to fit your needs. Get started by registering for the getbadged entry exam. Achieving a 70% and above qualifies you as an eligible candidate for hire thus unlocking endless opportunities to finding your dream job and achieve your career goals!

Be sure to read about our unique Badge Request feature. getbadged is the only custom developed solution to police recruitment that offers you two ways to get hired: You can pursue your ideal job opportunities and departments looking to hire eligible candidates can pursue you for their positions!

Our stats speak for themselves!

In six short months, getbadged has filled (25) Entry Level positions, (7) Academy Trained positions, and (5) Certified Officer/Lateral Transfer positions! On average, members of getbadged who pass our entry exam and meet the Min Reqs specified by our department members are hired within three months or less!


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Looking to Hire? Our pre-vetting measures, designed to make your selection process more efficient and valuable include:
  • The option to list up to four (4) types of jobs, based on the positions your department is looking to fill:

    • Police Dispatcher

    • FT Entry Level

    • FT Academy Trained

    • POST Certified/Lateral Transfer Officer

  • A custom department dashboard to easily & efficiently track your recruitment and hiring process, including job posts, candidate applications, sorting based on desired hiring criteria, and tracking the status of your candidate applications in one, centralized location.

  • Access to our diverse pool of pre-vetted candidates for recruitment, who meet the state's Minimum Requirements for becoming an officer, and have passed our entry exam for law enforcement, facilitated and hosted by getbadged/PES multiple times each month.

  • The capability to promptly evaluate the skills, qualifications, certifications, and both academy and policing experience of your applicants based on the information gathered during our thorough, comprehensive intake and application process. Additionally, candidates are required to upload supporting documents to further substantiate their credentials, saving your department time & outreach efforts to gather the necessary documentation.

  • The option to send and track Badge Requests (for Premium Department Members).

  • Ability to send & track your initial email outreach to applicants provided directly through your getbadged dashboard's email center.

  • A tool to demonstrate a fair and transparent recruitment and hiring process, if needed.

Getting started in three easy steps:

  • Contact us: We'll help you discover the right Department Membership for your hiring needs.

  • Post Job Opportunities: Use our dedicated job board to let our diverse database of qualified applicants know you're hiring.

  • Explore Qualified Candidates: Browse our database of eligible candidates for hire who meet your hiring criteria.

PRO TIP: With the click of a button, our Premium Departments can use the "Badge Request" feature to recruit and pursue vetted candidates from our database directly from your department's dashboard without waiting for them to apply to you! Our Premium Department's have experienced, on average, nine (9) times the amount of applicants as a result of our unique badging capabilities! Join us in pioneering the way toward a new, more effective and successful way to hire. 

"I recently took an exam through Police Exam Solutions and wanted to share my thoughts with you. The process to sign up was very easy and thorough. They followed up with email instructions on everything. They were very helpful when I reached out by phone to ask questions before signing up. I especially appreciated the PPI essay questions. It gave each individual a chance to express who they are and what they believe in as an individual. The test was challenging, but overall it was a very smooth process and I was very happy with the results."

Ashley C.

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