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Investing in the future of our police departments, one candidate at a time

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brought to you by Police Exam Solutions, LLC

Police Exam Solutions, innovator & creator of, is please to announce there's a new more cost-effective, efficient way to hire and get hired! An industry leader with over 20 years of experience and a stellar reputation for assessing applicants as Eligible Candidates for Hire, we are quickly revolutionizing how recruitment & hiring is successfully accomplished. Providing a clearly defined, fair & transparent process, affords our candidates the maximum opportunities for getting hired for the role of Police Officer.

Candidates: How Does it Work?

ONE Exam + Passing Exam Score = You're Ready to Get Hired!

No more Department-Held-Exams: We want to make your journey as straightforward as possible, which is why we've eliminated the need for department-specific exams. Instead, all you need to do is pass the required Police Exam Solutions/getbadged entry exam to become eligible to for hire by Departments listed on

There is no need to worry about department-specific exams or multiple exam fees. Our hiring agencies trust in Police Exam Solutions/getbadged to deliver the highest caliber, vetted candidates who have <already> passed the required entry exam, and are qualified & ready to get hired. 

Police Exam Solutions/getbadged offers multiple exams Every Month

We offer two exam formats: Online & In-person exams

Online exam candidates receive their scores the same-day

In-person exam candidates receive their score within (3) business days

Candidates who achieve a minimum score of 70% can instantly apply to any job, with as many departments as interested in.

getbadged exam scores are valid for (6) months which means you'll have endless opportunities available to you throughout your membership term.

Two ways to get hired: Pursue jobs your interested in AND departments can pursue you through our never-before-done Badge Request feature.

Get Badged: Premium Departments receive Badging Capabilities:

Badging Capabilities means they gain access to our complete database of Eligible Candidates for Hire. Should your skills & qualifications match their desired criteria, they can send a Badge Request, signalling to the candidate the department is interested in you applying to their jobs. Accept their Badge and your entire application package is automatically forwarded to the Department's dashboard for further outreach.




Here's just a few Departments who have chosen to source their new hires through

Swampscott Police Department (     Premium Dept)

Brigham & Women's Hospital Police Department

Norwood Police Department

Lexington Police Department

Framingham Police Department (     Premium Dept)

Somerset Police Department

Milford Police Department

Boston Housing Authority Police Department

Brandeis Police Department (     Premium Dept)

& More

Visit to begin your search for the right career opportunity for you!

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 Departments: How does it work? The new way to hire

At getbadged, we pre-vet applicants so you don't have to! We understand your department's resources are valuable and recruitment efforts can be very time consuming. getbadged aims to alleviate the pressures and administrative hassles required to recruit new officers from your staff. offers your department the maximum opportunities you need to attract qualified candidates. 

Our pre-vetting of candidates is designed to make your selection process more efficient and valuable include:

  • Department held entry exams are a thing of the past! 

    • Whether or not your agency has historically required candidates to pass an entry exam as part of your hiring process, all getbadged candidates seeking to hired by our department members are required to pass our nationally recognized entry exam assessment for law enforcement. PES hosts multiple entry exams every month to continually refresh and grow our eligible applicant pool of candidates that are ready and eager to join your team!

  • Through our detailed online candidate application process, we collect the essential information your agency needs to make the best hiring decisions. Residency, demographics, bilingual skills, Veterans status, educational background, academy experience, prior policing experience, and even their social media handles are all vital pieces of information used to evaluate a candidate's eligibility. Each application submitted to your agency by interested candidates provides the details and insight you need to make an informed decision on whether they meet your desired hiring criteria.  

  • Candidates are required to meet your department's Minimum Requirements as specified on your job posts, prior to applying to your positions. 

  • Candidates must include their supporting documents to substantiate their credentials prior to submitting their application package to your department for consideration. Department Members receive:

  • The option to list up to four (4) types of jobs, based on the positions your department is looking to fill:

    • Police Dispatcher

    • FT Entry Level

    • FT Academy Trained

    • POST Certified/Lateral Transfer Officer

  • A custom department dashboard to centralize and track your recruitment and hiring process.

    • Manage your agencies job posts

    • Receive applications from candidates

    • Filter and sort candidate applications based on desired hiring criteria

    • Print candidate applications

    • Track candidates Application Status throughout your recruitment and hiring process

    • Access to our complete, diverse pool of pre-vetted candidates: Not seeing enough applications from candidates? Take a more aggressive approach and you can pursue any of our pre-vetted candidates matching your desired criteria (Premium Department Members)

    • Send Badge Requests (Premium Department Members)

    • Track accepted Badge Requests (Premium Department Members)

    • In the event your department is asked/required to substantiate your recruitment and hiring process, your dashboard provides you with the ability to demonstrate your agency conducted a fair, transparent, and comprehensive recruitment and hiring effort


With over 23 years of experience of working with many of the largest non-Civil Service police departments looking to hire, we gained first-hand knowledge of what agencies want and expect when searching and evaluating eligible new hires. With this insight and valuable feedback from the department's command staff and hiring personnel, we have developed with the features and functionality departments want and need to facilitate their hiring efforts with the greatest amount of independence and autonomy. 


We are pleased to offer three (3) levels of department memberships, specially designed to meet your department's needs and timeline for hiring. 

  • Basic Membership: Introductory six (8) week, no-cost membership with the option to renew

  • Extended Basic Membership: Contact us for pricing.

  • Premium Membership & Premium Unlimited Membership: Contact us for pricing.


We invite you to learn more about how can help your department recruit the best candidates and enhance your recruitment efforts. Contact us today to discuss the benefits of our interactive, innovative, 21st century approach to recruitment, or to schedule a demo. 

Visit to begin your search for the right candidate(s) who are ready to join your team

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"I recently took an exam through Police Exam Solutions and wanted to share my thoughts with you. The process to sign up was very easy and thorough. They followed up with email instructions on everything. They were very helpful when I reached out by phone to ask questions before signing up. I especially appreciated the PPI essay questions. It gave each individual a chance to express who they are and what they believe in as an individual. The test was challenging, but overall it was a very smooth process and I was very happy with the results."

Ashley C.

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